About Our Theatre

The Princess Theatre serves an active role in the community focusing on local talent. This really makes it a shining star for not only the city of Winnsboro, but also the surrounding areas. The Princess Theatre is a great place to sit back and forget about your day to day troubles and have some family friendly fun.

Take a few moments to read about our little theatre that leaves such a big impression.

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Our History


The Princess Theatre was originally established in 1925 by George Elam.

     Two years later he moved his theatre into a building on Prairie Street where it stands today. Leasing the building from Rowena Ramage, Elam worked to improve the building which was built in 1907.


     A new world of entertainment was brought to the citizens of Winnsboro. Black and white silent movies were shown on a screen while live piano music brought the films to life. A few years later Elam bought records to play along with the movies. In 1930, a sound track was added to films and Elam put a sound system in the theatre.


     Right before World War II, in the early 1940's, Elam added on to the building, making it longer. In 1960, Elam sold the theatre to Jack Pope. Pope continued leasing the building from

Ramage while keeping the Princess operating just as Elam had done. The opening of Monroe's Pecanland Mall in 1985 forced Pope to close the Princess as the Mall Cinema had ten screens compared to the Princess' one.


     In 1992, Rowena Ramage gave the Princess Theatre building to the city of Winnsboro. A Board of Directors was appointed to take care of the building. In 1993, the board announced renovation plans to begin immediately on the Princess Theatre.



The Governor's Arts Award program in May 2002 carried the following statement:


"The Princess Theatre is an inspiring example of what can happen when a community believes in itself and the value of the arts to quality of life. The theatre has contributed substantially to the life and economy of Winnsboro and Franklin Parish. The restoration of the turn-of-the-century Princess Theatre to a live performance venue was the catalyst for the development of historic downtown Winnsboro. Further, the theatre's programs include a full series offering international, national, and local performances as well as a coffee house series that is free to the community. The Princess functions as both a performing arts venue and a forum for educational programming; it has transformed cultural opportunities in Northeast Louisiana and continues to be a model for success throughout the region.”