Princess Theatre conducts open auditions for all productions, and anyone is welcome. We are a community theatre and seek talent from all backgrounds and experience levels.

If you’re interested in being on stage, it’s time to sign up for an audition! Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience — everyone is welcome. All ages. All skill levels. Plus, we’re are always looking for new people, so we will be delighted to meet you!

Most auditions are held over two consecutive nights and consist of cold readings from the script. Some auditions require a prepared monologue. Musical auditions also require an audition song, and may include a dance/movement audition.

Worried about your singing voice? Audition anyway, even if it’s for a musical. Trust us — in every community theater musical, there’s at least one person who can’t hold a tune. Everyone is here because they love it, not because they’re the next Kristin Chenoweth.

Actors are asked to come to auditions with a complete list of potential date conflicts. Please also bring a resume or simple list of your prior theatre experience.

If you have one, bring a head shot (professional head shots are NOT required.) We can also take a photo of you at the audition. See you at auditions!

If you would like to audition for one or multiple shows, please use the application form on this page.

How To Audition for Musicals or Plays

Audition Form